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25 September 2007 @ 10:23 pm
LOTR First Fanfic: The Warden, The Lady  
Hi again there. My first fanfic of The Lord of the Rings, it was written for the Het Swap 2006 from Little Balrog Yahoo Group. If you read the rules you can see it is kinda invisible friend: you say what you want to read about and what you want to write about (LOTR obviously). Then you write the story asigned to you and you get another one as you described. Hope you enjoy it and remeber, feedback please. Not beta-ed yet sorry.

Hola otra vez. Este fanfic lo escribí para el Het Swap 2006 del grupo de Yahoo Little Balrog. Parecido al amigo invisible: dices que te gustaría escribir y leer y te asignan una historia solicitada por otra persona que mas se ajuste a lo que has pedido y viceversa. Al final tu has escrito acerca de lo que querias más o menos y a cambio alguien ha escrito lo que tu querias leer. Este está en inglés. A ver que os parece.

Title: The Warden, the Lady
Author Name: b5delenn (Victoria)
Main Characters: Rumil, Eowyn
Rating: NC17
Genre(s): Romance
Word Count: 5160
Summary: The One Ring is destroyed. Honoured guest, Galadriel and Celeborn arrive at Minas Tirith to assist to the wedding of King Elessar and their granddaughter Arwen Undomiel. Eowyn have recovered from his encounter with the Witch King but she feels hollow. Maybe there are surprises waiting for her among the elves…
Original Request: Rumil & Eowyn
Author Notes: As much as I like Faramir, Eowyn is not with him in this story, so AU and Non-Canon. This is book-verse so no elves in Helm’s deep and Haldir is alive, Yeeeeah!

The Warden, The Lady

Chapter 1: The warden

Long years have come since then but I remember the first time I lay my eyes upon her. The darkness had been defeated. Sauron was no more. A little hobbit had taken the weight of the evil over his very soul and in the inner fire of Mount Doom the One Ring had been destroyed. It was said that a woman had defeated the Witch King of Angmar. The fourth age belonged to the young races, just as Galadriel had once told them.

The white stones of Minas Tirith shone like the spirit of its people that morning. As my duty of warden I had come to the city of the men, escorting our lady Galadriel and our Lord Celeborn to the wedding of their granddaughter. Before the White Tower of Ecthelion king Elessar took Arwen Undomiel as his mate and queen. And there I saw her, trying so hard to disguise her sadness behind her proud demeanor that she was like a cold, perfect statue. The inner light of the Eldar, invisible to anyone but immortals poured from her and I wondered who that intriguing elleth was. I was immersed in my musings as I felt the elbow of my older brother impacting against my side.

“She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Haldir whispered in my ear.

“Who is she? What is an elleth doing among these humans?” I gestured toward the young man who had her hand in the crook of his elbow.

“He is Eomer, young king of Roham and she is her sister, Lady Eowyn” my brother shot me a meaningful glance as I looked at him in surprise.

“That is not possible, he is a man and she is…”

“I know, little brother” he cut me “She is from the Eldar” Then Haldir sauntered away, no doubt to find some woman to dance, leaving me in turmoil.


The next morning I came to the Lady of the Light to find out about the intriguing elleth. As always Galadriel spoke in riddles but by the end I have at least some answers: the white lady was a peredhel, half sister to Eomer, king of Rohan; she didn’t know her true heritage, she thought she was mortal.

“Why do you entrust me with this secret when she is the one who should know her true nature?” I forgot myself in my ire. Such magnificent creature should be among his kind. It was bad enough that The Evenstar had given up her immortality for the love of a man, even if that one was the king of the men. Then I watched the sadness in the eyes of my lady and I bowed my head in shame. I was just removing in her wounds for she was the one losing yet another dear one “Forgive me, my lady. That was rude”

“It’s not my destiny to show her who she is, Rumil of Lorien” I didn’t dare to meet her gaze but she lifted my chin with her warm hand. Her eyes were now kind and tender, the same I recalled as a child when I assaulted her with endless questions “You have always been a restless spirit, my good warden but you have to have faith”


I found myself following the young elleth, watching her from afar every single moment. I heard that she was the one who had defeated the king of the Nazgul and I couldn’t help but feel proud of her.

One morning I was watching her in the practice fields as she wielded the sword with deadly grace. She was quite good and I imagine how much she could learn under my tutelage. I could teach her tricks with the weapon she surely didn’t know, the art of the bow…how to ride an ellon to oblivion and beyond.

“I’m tired of your games. Show yourself” I was so absorbed in my little daydream that her clear voice startled me. I chuckled. I should have known that she would feel my presence.

I dropped from the tree before her. Sweet Eru, but she was gorgeous even in the leggings and tunic she favoured to train “Forgive my rudeness, my lady” I bowed as I spoke “I could not help but enjoy the view”

She perused me with cold eyes but her cheeks tinted with a lovely blush “I’m sure a warrior elf can find more amusing ways to spend his time”

“But who says I’m a warrior”

“Your sword says” she pointed at my hip.

She sound like a captain dismissing a plain soldier and I did my best not to laugh “I’m Rumil of Lorien” At her silence I added “May I have the name of such lovely shield maiden?”

“Are you mocking me? I have better thing to do than to amuse you” her blue eyes flashed furiously and if looks could kill I would be dead elf.

I unsheathed my sword “Shall you fight with me, my lady?”

“I’m not your lady” By the Valar but she was stubborn “And I’m not so naïve to think I can win you with the sword”

“But that shall not stop you from trying” I launched a taunting thrust with my sword and she deflected as easily.

“As I said, Lord Rumil, I am not your lady” she replied before she began her own attack.

We performed a spirited dance of thrusts and parries. She was fast but my centuries of experience gave me an edge someone as young as her did not have. With a harder flick of my wrist I disarmed her, sending her sword flying out of the field. Using my superior strength I submitted her, holding her arms at the small of her back and forcing her small, delectable body to lean against my frame.

She tried to break free, squirming as she mumbled something that I supposed could be rohirrim curses. It only served to rub her breast enticingly against my chest, setting my groin on fire. She stopped short and looked at me, breathless and flushed, no doubt feeling the poke of my erection against her belly.

“Now that you have made your point, Lord Rumil” again she stressed the ‘lord’ “you can release me”

“But I must take my reward after a fair battle” I did not think in the consequences, did not give a damn. I just did what my body and soul commanded me, I released her arms only to trap her slender waist and I smashed my mouth against her lips in ravenous hunger.

I felt the moment she surrendered, when her hands left their pounding in my arms to wound themselves in my hair. I ravaged her mouth, invading her with my tongue to taste the sweetness that welcomed me. She moaned…or was it me? It didn’t matter, nothing matter anymore, only she and me and passion. I did not know her, neither did she really know herself, but I had to have her. I wanted what my guts told me was rightful mine.

Reluctantly I left her mouth to watch her lovely face. She was looking at me with dazzled eyes, her swollen lips wet and open and her breath disturbed. I would love nothing more than to take her right there against a tree but she deserved so much more…

"Shall you have me?" At my hoarse question she just nodded and I wanted to proclaim my joy to the stars. Taking her small hand I lead her to the little room I had been given.

In the way I tried to calm my eagerness, I was so hard that I was aching.

As we reach the room I flattened her against the door to taste again the sweetness of her mouth. I cupped the small mounds of her breasts as I grinded my heavy erection against her belly. I was joyous to find her as eager and passionate as me, whimpering in excitement and groping my back with hungry hands.

"Take me now, make me forget the world" she whimpered and I was more than happy to oblige. With nervous fingers I unbuttoned her tunic. Her pert breasts sprang free, silky soft mounds crowned with hardened pink nipples. I bend to taste one berry bud in my mouth, licking around the velvety areola, teasing with my teeth and sucking her as she moaned in helpless need.

I fell to my knees before her and worked the ties of her leggings. Under the fabric, softly rounded hips and lean thighs framed the bush of golden curls that guarded her feminine flesh. I sank my face against her mound, teasing her with my hot breath as I revealed in the clean scent of her innocence.

"You smell so good, my lady" I pinned her with my gaze letting her see the yearning in my eyes "I shall taste you Eowyn"

With my fingers I spread her nether lips to sink my tongue in her flesh. She was slick and she taste like passion and arousal and female. I laved her with my tongue, feasting in her female flesh like a starving man. I sank my tongue in her opening and then suckled her swollen clit in my mouth. Her moans and whimpers reached my ears like music. I brought her leg to my shoulder, opening her to my invasion. The sounds of her ecstasy escalated in little screams as she reached her peak and a rush of moisture flooded from her core. I lapped at her juices as I held her trembling legs.

With her hands still anchoring my hair I allowed her a moment to recover her breath as I peppered kisses over her flat belly. I got up to my full height realizing then how small she was, reaching just my shoulder with the top of her head. How vulnerable, how fragile…and she had defeated the evil, almost died before the witch king. I felt a wave of tenderness I had never experienced before.

I took her in my arms and in two strides I reached my small bed, where I carefully I put her. I divested of my clothes as she watched me, flushed and yet breathless. Her eyes widened when they fell on my erection and I could not help but grin, feeling predator and powerful at her perusal. I could say that it was the first time she had seen a naked elf.

"You have not known male yet"

"No" her reply held a mix of arousal and awareness.

"Do not fear my lady for I want only to give you pleasure"

I covered her small body with mine. My shaft lay heavy and aching against her thigh but I fought the need to bury myself in her softness, kissing her breasts as I tested her core with my fingers. She was slick with her previous orgasm, ready to take me inside her body.

"It may hurt but I promise it will be brief" I poised my erection against her soft opening and thrust as gently as possible, her slick, tight flesh yielding to my thickness. I felt her tense but just a whimper came from her lips.

At my questioning glare she smiled "It just sting" I nodded as I pulled out until only the head of my shaft remained inside her, then I thrust again. She was wet, hot and so incredibly tight I thought I would spill myself right then like an inexperienced youngling.

Her hips moved in synchrony with mine, her pointed nipples brushing against my chest deliciously. I fought the need to take her like a mad elf, gently stroking until I heard her whispered plea…

"Harder!" She gripped my ass, digging her fingers in my flesh as I thrust harder, faster, losing myself in the ecstasy of her tight shelf. Not too gentle grunts joined her cries, the slap of flesh against flesh as background melody. Her cries escalating and her fingernails digging in my muscle, I knew she was close, oh so close to the edge… My balls tightened against my body and I knew I was a pair of thrust away to come.

"Come for me Eowyn…come now" With the last remnants of my sanity I realized I would be happy to loose myself between her legs and never come back for air. I felt the rhythmic spasm of her core as she screamed her climax and with the next thrust I convulsed inside her gripping body as I emptied myself inside her welcoming depths.

I collapsed against the soft cushion of her body. In the bliss of the aftermath I noticed briefly how lovely mattress my lady was. We stayed in embrace, a tangle of limbs as we learned to breathe again. I watched her face, her eyes looking at me with trust and need…and sadness. I knew that look, the bitter acceptance of something that could not happen. I felt my anger rose to full bloom, the truth had been denied to this magnificent creature and it was going to end just then and there. I knew I loved her for the thought of loose her to a misguidance was ripping my heart apart.

"Will you be mine Eowyn?"

Her lips curved in a bittersweet smile "You know my name. I thought elves didn't lie"

I kissed her luscious lips "I never said I did not know it"

She laughed a clear musical sound that bathed my senses. Then I realized that we were still joined and I gently disentangled myself from her body, dropping to my side to face her.

"You have not answer my question, my lady"

"For there is no answer to your request, my beloved elf" I saw her eyes shimmering with tears and my soul cried for hers "What future could have an elf and a mortal? I know which destiny would await us. I will grow old and die and you would fade from a broken heart"

I caressed her chin, her jaw, the gentle curve of her cheek as I replied "If there is a way to be together, Will you be mine?"

"I would love nothing more to be yours, to sleep every night in the comfort of your arms, to awaken every morning in the passion of your embrace but"

"Is that a yes Eowyn?" I cut her.

"Yes Rumil, it is a yes to a beautiful, impossible dream" She stroked my chest, my belly. I stilled her distracting hands.

"Eowyn I will no fade for you will not die. You are half elf, a peredhel"

She broke in pearls of laughter that infuriated me "I did not know you elves were such a joking lot!"

"I am not joking Eowyn! Ask another elf, damn it! Ask the Lady Galadriel if you do not believe me" I watched the change in her face, the widening in her eyes as she fought to accept what I had revealed.

"You are wrong, I was born from Théodwyn, sister to Théoden, Eomer is my brother" the tears spilled in her face as she leapt from the bed and began to dress "You are wrong!"

"Eomer is your half brother for he is mortal and your mother…it is obvious she knew an elf"

"You are lying!" she cried out at me. I just wanted to take her in my arms and erase the pain in her voice, but she must know the truth.

"Why would I lie to you Eowyn? Look inside your heart, you know it is true I speak" I reached for her but she slid from my grasp and got to the door.

"I have to go" And she fled from my side.


For six days I did not see Eowyn. I had heard from Orophin that she and her brother had come to Galadriel. It seemed that Eomer king had demanded from the Lady to severely punish the elf who had upset her little sister so badly. Galadriel had told him that she could not punish me for telling the truth. I had to say that I was secretly impressed by the young king; it certainly required courage to come to Galadriel with demands.

I felt miserable and I shamed myself paying my desperation with my brothers. After a heated argument that ended with a bloody nose for Orophin and a bruised jaw for me I accepted that I was being a pain in the ass for those who loved me.

“Forgive me brother” I told Orophin as Haldir healed his nose “You did not deserve my ire”

“You are damn right I did not!” Orophin drawled “I have never seen you in such state for any other elleth”

“She is not another one” I should look so pathetic that Orophin softened.

“Do you love her?” I silently nodded “Then don’t let her go even if you have to bend her over your shoulder and take her to the Gray Heavens yourself” He slapped my back as I went to my room to mull over my misery.


In the morning of the seventh day I woke up angry and determined. Angry because she stubbornly denied the truth and determined to have her at any cost. I was thinking of ways to convince the thick-headed elleth and the idea of Orophin was beginning to sound quite attractive when I heard a rap in my door. I opened it to find Eowyn standing there. I resisted the impulse to crush her in my arms as I made her a gesture to come inside. She did and sat in my bed as I paced my room like a cadged beast trying to cool my temper.

“Do you come here to doubt my word again my lady?”

She sighed as she dropped her gaze to her lap “No Rumil. I did not come to doubt your word nor I came here to engage a verbal sparring” I was shocked at her calm demeanor. “I came because I am tired of hiding, of denial. I came seeking for the peace I only find in your arms” She got up and came to my embrace, laying her head in my chest. I did not dare breathe, fearing I would break the moment.

“Make love to me, Rumil. Make me forget the truth”


We made love along that day several times, learning the secrets of our bodies and we stayed in my room at night, lost in each other’s embrace. We did not speak of the future for neither of us wanted to break the thin peace we found in our mutual joy. At the dawn of the next morning the reality crashed upon us.

“I part this morn” Her words washed over my soul like a chilling river and I held her tightly.

“Come with me Eowyn, beloved”

“My people, my brother needs me” Tears rolled from her eyes and my heart wept as well.

“Your brother will die one day. What will you do then, an elleth alone in the Middle Earth?” I felt fury bubbling inside me “I will not sail to the West without you Eowyn. Before the last ship parts I will send for you and you will come to me”

She laughed between sobs ”Why my lord, you are such a bully with your lady” She searched my gaze with hers as she reply to my not so veiled order “When you call for me I will come for my life would be empty without you”

Chapter 2: The lady

The year of the fallen of the Evil was the beginning of my life. I had always been in a beautiful cage. I was supposed to marry well, to give children to my husband and to be a proper lady as was required from a woman born noble. Eowyn of Rohan had a well carved path in her life. But I always had felt a stranger in that carefully designed place.

My restlessness brought me to join the rohirrim to fight at Pelennor fields. There I knew the true evil, I felt it in my soul when the Nazgul towered over me, my dying uncle at my back. The evil being was defeated at last, with the help of the good halfling Merry. But the restless did not leave my soul, the same feeling which brought me to think I was in love with Aragorn. It was a mirage, another way to find that freedom my heart craved.

It was the wedding of Aragorn which brought me again to Minas Tirith. The people were happy but I did not find peace for I have my own battle warring inside my heart. And there I knew him, who would change my very destiny. Rumil of Lorien came to me in a practice field, engaged me in a mocking combat but it was my very soul he won. He taught me the passion of two bodies straining together to find the ecstasy and that same day he destroyed the vision of myself.

When he revealed my true heritage I did not believe him, did not want to believe him. I came to my brother in fury, accusing him of concealing the truth from me only to find him as confused and irate as me. We went to the Lady of the Light only to confirm what my soul told me was the plain truth: my mother had known an elf and I was the outcome of their joining. Why that particular elf had chosen to father a child was unknown even for Galadriel, since elves can choose when to procreate. Maybe he had a vision of the future; maybe he knew I would be the one to defeat the king of the Nazgul. Maybe he just wanted a legacy to leave behind as he sailed west.

For days I was in my room, watching the ceiling as I tried to reconcile my entire life with the truth. The joyous truth that claimed Rumil and I could be together for eternity and the painful truth that mean I would see those who I loved from childhood grow old and die. Then a morning I fell from my astonishment: I needed to see Rumil, even one last time, to right the wrong.

When I came to him he was angry and desperate. I felt the calm that only come with acceptance. I needed his love, I needed the peace his embrace gave me and so I told him. In his arms my soul chose immortality as he kissed me breathless. I knew I would part the next day and we would not see each other until I left behind my old life, but this moment was ours.

As he explored my mouth with his velvety tongue I explored the silk skin of his bare chest. I eagerly fought with the bind of his leggings. In a tangle of lips and limbs he peeled me from my gown. I forced him to sit in the bed as I kneeled between his powerful thighs. I had heard the women in my land spoke of things that could make a man wild with arousal, they spoke about the power the woman held over the man in those moments. In that instant, despite my submissive pose at his feet I understood their words when I looked up at him and found his dark blue eyes simmering with lust.

“As you tasted me the other day I now want to taste you, my lord” I saw the impact of my words in his heavy breathing and even more heavy maleness. Until I had been with him I had never thought of the male body as something beautiful. I had seen naked men before in the bath house. But nothing could prepare me for the beautiful, utterly male power of his body. Incredibly tall, with long powerful limbs, and a wide muscled body that gave testament of his worth as a warrior. The defined shoulders and arms of an archer and the marble hard torso and belly of a swordsman, he was so perfect and male that I could not help feel small and feminine.

The long thickness of his erection rose between his legs, proudly reaching his navel and I felt a shiver of arousal ran up my spine. I could not help but wonder how I had fitted all of him inside of me. I tested him with my hands, his girth overwhelming the circle of my grip. His male flesh was rock hard and branded my hands, so hot it was. I licked at the pearl that pooled in his slit and gloried in the moan that came from his mouth.

I made up for my lack of experience with teasing licks and nips. I felt his thighs tensing with eagerness. A growl vibrated in his broad chest and I revealed in the fact that I could transform such perfect being in a purring beast. I ended the sweet torment sucking the red head and then by pure instinct I took as much as I could inside, filling my mouth with his flesh. I bobbed my head up and down, moving one hand along his length and fondling his heavy sack with the other.

Soon I felt his balls tightening and his breath coming in short raspy gasps. I wanted him to loose control, to find release in my mouth as I had found in his. And he did, crying out my name hoarsely and fisting my hair as I drank from him.

I had barely swallowed the proof of his pleasure when he dragged me at my feet only to engulf me in his embrace. His lips crushed against mine and he invaded my mouth, our tongues sharing his taste. He forced me to straddle his lap and my slick folds rubbed against his groin. He bloomed to full hardness in amazing seconds and the velvety head of his shaft teased my aching clit. I had to have him.

Grabbing his marbled erection in one hand I guided him to my eager opening, impaling myself in his flesh. His back fell to the bed and he gripped my hips, grinning smugly like a conqueror “Ride me my lady”

I did not need further encouragement as I rose from him, my inner walls gripping his thickness in frantic need, only to push down, stuffing myself to his balls. I was stretched almost to the point of pain but my body had a mind of its own as I gripped his powerful thighs to ride him hard and fast.

Too soon I began to fault my rhythm for the climax was hunting me with voracious speed, blooming in my belly and spreading all the way to my toes. My clit throbbed as the wave washed over me and I screamed to the heavens my love for him as I came. The grip of his big hands was my anchor to sanity as he thrust up frantically against me, crying out my name in ecstasy as he spent himself inside my body, filling my insides with his hot seed. I lay spent and limp blanketing his hard frame, hearing the soothing pound of his heart.


We shared our bodies and souls many times that day and during the night I clung to him for I knew what would come at dawn. With the first rays of the sun I could not fight my tears.

“I part this morn” The despair in his face broke my heart.

“Come with me Eowyn, beloved”

“My people, my brother needs me” I would be his but there were many things yet to heal in the Middle Earth.

“Your brother will die one day. What will you do then, an elleth alone in the Middle Earth?” His anger was almost palpable, and then his eyes hardened with determination “I will not sail to the West without you Eowyn. Before the last ship parts I will send for you and you will come to me”

In my sadness I could not help but laugh ”Why my lord, you are such a bully with your lady” I conveyed in my eyes the acceptance of his claiming so he would know that I was his as he was mine “When you call for me I will come for my life would be empty without you”


Fifty six years have come and passed since that day and my love for Rumil have never dismissed. I have seen my brother married; I have watched his children grew to become good men and women. I have always known one day I would have what I see when Lothiriel and him looked at each other, a love not even her dead can dismiss.

I stand today at the doors of the Golden Hall of Medusel, watching the land that have seen me grown, the place that have been home.

Until now.

A big, golden leaf lies in my hand. A mallorn leaf, brought by a silver haired elf. He did not speak a word nor was it necessary for I was waiting for the call of my love. Rumil is waiting for me to sail west and I feel elated and sad at the same time.

“It was about time” I hear Eomer behind me. He is yet an imposing man even if he barely can stand without the help of a walking stick.

The silence stretches between us and it is him who break it “I am an old man and soon I will join my wife in the halls of our fathers. My kingdom is prospering now, my children will see for my people” He takes my hand in his wrinkled one “It is time for you to flee little sister”

I turn to watch his serene eyes and I fall in his embrace, sobbing like a child “You will always be my beloved brother”


The silver haired elf shifted impatiently as he watched the road. She would come, she HAD to come. If she would not come to him…then he could as well lie to die of despair for he had no reason to live without her at his side.

“She will come, Rumil” Celeborn affirmed for hundredth time.

“She better will, my lord or I shall go to Rohan and drag her here screaming and kicking if…” he cut his passionate tirade as he saw a rider coming from afar.

“There, I told you so” the older elf said smugly.

The rider dismounted and ran toward them to throw herself at him in a bundle of kisses and tears. He devoured her mouth until his lungs screamed for oxygen, barely hearing the chuckles of Celeborn and Thranduil at his back. She was as beautiful as he recalled an she was his…”Mine Eowyn” he whisper to her tear-strained, smiling face “You are mine now”

“I am yours forever my lord”

And so the last ship sailed west.


Elleth: Female elf
Ellon: Male elf
Peredhel: half elf
Lorien: Forest in the continent of Middle-earth, centred at the juncture of the Rivers Celebrant and Anduin.
Minas Tirith: capital city of Gondor in the Fourth Age
The Valar: the Powers of Arda or the Powers of the World.
The Golden Hall of Medusel: Castle of the king in Edoras, capital city of the kingdom of Rohan.

Just here: Sweet home
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